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I support people with autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic illness, and emotional challenges through their recovery and wellness journey. By helping them to overcome their struggles, make important life changes and enhance the quality of their lives.

Christina Lefkati


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Balanced Lifestyle

Lifestyle factors drive about 80% of chronic illnesses. Lead a well-balanced life and reclaim your health and vitality.

Habit Change

There is a science behind successful habit change. Learn the secrets of "how" to change, harness the neurology of your mind and make positive change manageable.

Emotional Management

Coping with a chronic illness or a major life transition can increase stress and a variety of negative emotions. Moreover, emotional distress can be harmful to your health and has been linked to physical symptoms. Let us identify and release those emotions.

Limiting Beliefs & Self-Talk

How we think and talk to ourselves can directly affect cell function in the body through biochemical changes. This can in turn diminish our health and have an impact in our psychology. Let us change your internal dialogue and increase positive thoughts.

Pain Management

Psychological research has demonstrated that greater chronic pain and emotional stress are interrelated. Work around your unresolved negative emotions and memories and experience emotional relief.


Meet me in my home office for a close up experience.


Join me in a Zoom call, no matter where in the world you are located.


Coaching and EFT, have been found to be equally effective over the phone.


I started Wellness Coaching with the initial goals to lose weight and manage my stress and anxiety. Christina helped me to shed and keep off that extra physical and emotional weight I was trying to for so many years. We used a completely different approach where instead of dieting, we focused on my habits. Through working with her, I also gained more confidence, learned to love myself, and start prioritizing my personal needs. Using her services will give you perfect results on things that may have been bothering you for years!
Stavria Georgiou
Cook - Nicosia, Cyprus
EFT is powerful and direct and Christina is great at engaging with the inner child. She is very gentle, insightful and always smiling. It’s easy to work with her and you feel cared for. She is an ethical practitioner, working with integrity and care. She helped me positively reframe some of my stories with my mum and feel less sad about them. I had some gentle positive insights that helped me shift perspective. If you are thinking of trying EFT I would say just do it! It’s powerful and you don’t have to chat for years!
Dominique Gozdawa
Bristol, United Kingdom
A few months ago, I was going through a difficult period in my life and had lost myself. A friend of mine who tried EFT with Christina recommended it to me and I am glad she did. Today, I am happier and more confident; I have replaced negative thoughts with positive ones; and I have discovered what triggers me and how to deal with it when it occurs. My relationship with myself has improved significantly; I now prioritize myself and love and care for myself more! Christina is an expert in her field and can assist you in healing your traumas, thinking positively, and achieving your goals!
Memnia Katsoura
Accountant - Nicosia, Cyprus
Two coaching sessions with Christina allowed me to look at some things from a completely different perspective. She drew my attention to things that I had not seen before. I am glad and thankful for these meetings. Christina is a smiling and very nice person. She creates an atmosphere of support and acceptance during the session. After the sessions with Christina, I feel more confident. Throughout the coaching process, I felt safe and was sure that I could open up without fear of rejection or judgment. I recommend it, especially to those who are not sure if such sessions are for them. I wasn't sure either. I recommend!
Marketing Intern - Warsaw, Poland
What I loved about my one-to-one EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting sessions was that they were really spot on! Christina was very accommodating and intuitively guided to find the root core. Couldn’t thank her enough as she really peeled off my inner child trauma and helped bring so much ease.
Dwi Santini
Spa Director - Bali, Indonesia
I loved Christina’s natural calm & warmth. I felt good just chatting with her. She gave her time very generously, was very accomodating, and had this innate ability to make me feel better. Moreover, through working with her, I got this new perspective on an age-old rule of mine. I am very grateful to Dr Rangana and her team for connecting me with her.
Nafisa Biviji
Homemaker - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Heal your autoimmune disease and chronic illness

Heal your relationship with your body

When you lead a stressful, demanding life, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. You may end up feeling depleted, exhausted, and low. Then one day, you experience a physical or emotional breakdown, or even worse, you end up with a chronic illness diagnosis such as cancer, an autoimmune disease, or a rare medical condition. Eventually, you end up feeling like losing more and more control over your life and your health.

Moreover, the medical system usually fails to provide the time and support you need while going through your health or emotional journey. That may have left you feeling frustrated, confused, uncertain, or even powerless.

I am here to help you regain your power, create balance in your life and manage your health one step at a time. Take a look around my website or book a complimentary consultation and find out how I can help and if I am the right fit for you.

I know how you feel about your diminishing health...

Once upon a time, I had lost control. There were times when there was too much to handle that I completely neglected myself and my deepest personal needs. As a result, I ended up with a severe form of eczema, an autoimmune skin condition, abnormal cells in my body, unbearable stress and anxiety, and extreme fatigue.

However, through my studies, training, and work experience supporting others, I found the tools and solutions that work for me. By identifying my triggers, changing my unhealthy habits and lifestyle and releasing my toxic emotions and memories, I managed to regain my health and vitality.

Today I feel much more centered, calm and peaceful. My stress levels are down, the abnormal cells vanished and I have reversed my eczema. Most importantly though, I have learned how to get in touch with what’s fueling a reaction in my body and how to resolve it. I now feel in total control of my life and health.

After experiencing this transformation, I realized that each and every one of us has the power to improve their physical, emotional and mental health. And that the very first step starts with the intention to make a change!

Christina Lefkati

Let's use a unique approach

I deeply value the concept of bio-individuality in my work: There is no one-size-fits-all approach. In other words, I recognize that each individual’s needs are different based on several internal and external factors. These include our unique physical environment, genes, lifestyle patterns, emotions and thoughts, the foods we eat, our character and personal preferences, and many more. Therefore, I would like to honor you as a person and personalize my services and approach based on your unique needs.

Personal private health coaching

Personal Health Coaching

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques
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Matrix Reimprinting

Group health coaching

Group Programs

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